Who am I?
Hello ! My name is HungBam and I am a professional graphic designer/digitizer

Why did I start this business?
The reason I opened this shop is to help people who don’t know how to digitize designs or simply don’t have the time to create some. With my ready-to-embroider files, you can pick the design you like, put it directly into your embroidery machine and run it !

Where is my small business located?
I live in New York City

What is special about my customer service?
I am always here to help and make my customers happy with their purchases, so feel free to reach out to me if needed !

What inspires me?
Helping people ! People finding what they are looking for in my shop is the best feeling ever !

What’s my educational and/or artistic background?
I am a self taught graphic designer! I have done hundreds and hundreds of clients and personal projects in the last 6 years :)

What do I enjoy most about making the things I sell?
I am a big fan of graphic design/digitizing and anime since I am a kid, so I guess this shop is me doing what i enjoy the most !